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Fungi - Would we be here without them
Endophytes have been found to play a crucial role in the production of extremely beneficial chemical compounds. For example, the cancer-fighting compound taxol, which was originally derived from the Pacific yew, has been found to be a product of endophytic fungi.
· Published: essentialARB, Issue 4 - 2001
Nutrient Cycling
Organic matter has a complete line of macro/micro nutrients but they are in forms that are not available to the plant for immediate uptake. These forms of nutrients are non-leechable and do not wash away with rain but are held in the soil until needed.
Mycorrhizae Fungi - A brief overview
Over 2000 fungus species are known to be capable of forming ectomycorrhizaes, with most being basidiomycetes or ascomycetes. Over 80% of land plants are able to form mycorrhizal associations. In these associations there is a bidirectional flow of nutrients.