Transition to organic lawn care instantly Accelerate your competitive advantage by joining the ICT Organics "O team" partner program We provide the lawn and landscape industry with natural alternatives based on the commercial industries best practices. Tap the resources of the leader in a transition to organic lawn care and grow your revenues, differentiate your business, and accelerate your profitability. The ICT Organics "O team" Partner Program offers you the solutions, training, tools and support you need to help satisfy your customers and set your company apart from the competition. Customer Benefits The ICT Organics O team program helps you deliver the following benefits to your customers:
  • Value: Add value and gain credibility in your chosen geography and market segment. The program helps you anticipate and fulfill your customers' needs through an emphasis on delivering value-added services and solutions.
  • Proven Technical Expertise: The O team enables your organization to increase its expertise in multiple integrated technologies through a structured training roadmap. This expertise provides you with access to key markets and the ability to deliver the new solutions your customers demand.
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction: Access to the same on-line customer satisfaction evaluation tools ICT Organics uses to evaluate its own performance allows you to identify your strengths and develop targeted plans for improvement.