CedarCure: A new weapon in our organic arsenal

CedarCure: A new weapon in an organic arsenal, ICT Organics has released a new product called CedarCure, what the EPA refers to as a “minimum risk pesticide” with reentry times in minutes instead of hours. The main focus of CedarCure is for larval stage insect in the soil like white grubs. Exposure to the cedarwood oil formulation immediately triggers the erosion of the exoskeleton of insect eggs and larvae, which results in their dehydration, subsequently rendering their pre-life status DBH (dead before hatch).

CedarCure has many modes of action (below) and is shown that insects do not build up a resistance to it.

CedarCure will stifle the ability of the insects’ receptors to detect food, mates, and to reproduce. When comfort levels are destroyed, insects become over whelmed and relocate. Insect displacement interrupts the “egg laying cycle” eliminating a new generation of arthropod. All insects breathe through their bodies; therefore, the scent is absorbed directly into the body affecting the insect’s neurological/biological systems, causing paralysis, confusion, death or flight.

Applying CedarCure consistently and persistently will create a barrier of re-entry and increase the desired results—no pests. Not only is CedarCure cost effective but it will eliminate the target pest quickly while being safe to pets and children

One 16 oz bottle will treat 50,000 sq ft at the high rate and 100,000 sq ft at the low rate.

High rate: mix 16 oz of CedarCure with 100 gallons of water, mix treats 50,000

Low Rate: Mix 8 oz of CedarCure with 100 gallons of water, mix will treat 50,000 sq ft

Application Rate: 2 gallons of mix per 1000 sq ft, cost per 1000 at high rate is $1.86 per 1000

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90-5010-01 CedarCure 1 - 16oz bottle $94.50 6"L x 6"W x 10"H Add to Cart
90-5010-02 CedarCure, case of 10 $945.00 11"L x 8"W x 10"H Add to Cart