Gluten-8 Pre Emergent Herbicide

Liquid Corn Gluten Meal

Liquid Corn gluten meal is a water-soluble product derived from corn gluten meal. Patented and tested for over 20 years by Iowa State University as a pre emergent pesticide, Gluten-8 is an effective tool in your tool box to fight weeds in organic turf

Did you know that 1 Tote of Gluten-8 will treat 1,000,000 sq ft and is the equivalent of 22,000 pounds of granular corn gluten meal

Mix 1 - quart gluten-8 OLP with 3 - quarts water, 1 gallon of mixed product will treat 1000 sqare feet of turf or landscape

1 - gallon Gluten-8 OLP concentrate treats 4000 sq ft

1 - Pallet contains 192 one gallon containers and treats 768,000 square feet or 17.630 acres

1 - 250 gallon tote will treat 1,000,000 sq ft

1 - 4 gallon case of Gluten-8 weighs 37Lbs

item # description price dimensions
90-3000-01 Gluten-8 OLP, 1 gallon $29.95 6"L x 6"W x 10"H Add to Cart
90-3000-02 Gluten-8, 4 - 1 gallon containers $119.80 13"L x 13"W x 13"H Add to Cart
90-3000-04 Gluten-8 Small Pallet, 48 gallons $1,437.60 48"L x 40"W x 24"H Add to Cart
90-3000-06 Gluten-8, 55 gallon drum $1,564.89 Add to Cart
90-3000-03 Gluten-8 OLP, Pallet (192 gallon containers) $5,750.40 48"L x 40"W x 40"H Add to Cart
90-3000-05 Gluten-8 250 Gallon Tote $7,113.13 48"L x 48"W x 48"H Add to Cart